This is a greater chance for everyone as we give expertise training on information security to help individuals and companies to get more knowledge on cyber security. Better chances come only once in a lifetime, therefore we are glad to assist everyone to begin a career in cyber security and increase their knowledge.

For us our cyber security training activities are further away the recognized presentations. In many instances real-life example is used to promote business information security and maintain client privacy. Our training and experts are from various areas of cyber security and technology organizations hence they are aware of what is needed to become the best cyber security analyst.

In addition to this our training places, participants obtain the knowledge needed to acquire the cyber security work. The knowledge depends on real world scenario and industry order. The clear comprehension of the actual cyber threats and hands on skills in controlling cyber protection tool by providing security precisely which will help you obtain your first cyber security work.

Employee Training
At your workplace your employees should be the first priority. Give them the best knowledge so that they can bring the best result and safeguard your precious assets and clients information hence resulting to smooth running of the business. Ciphersec is happy to provide your employees with several well designed curriculum for cyber security training . The training contains three modules.

Privacy security- this class shows an inspection of privacy ways and rules and it is made to give regular privacy awareness teaching at your place of work. This course teaches about privacy notion and elaborates them easily. Explanation takes a lot of time on Ontario and Canadian Federal legislation.

Anti-phishing training- the teaching gives tools to minimize the danger accompanied by the phishing damage, among the ones having ransom ware. Hence, Anti-Phishing Training Program is made in a way that can assist in identifying and minimizing worker to be vulnerable to phishing and spear phishing.

Cyber security knowledge and best activities- we cover broad security awareness teaching classes that covers each consumer not looking at their education quality. Here we give the best worlds skills to help in protecting your business against current threats across the nation.

SOC Cyber security Analyst
Security operations analysts are the first people responsible for ensuring the protection of digital assets from unauthorized access, both online and on-premise. The primary responsibility is to identify, secure, and weed out the threats as front-line defense personnel. We provide professional training in cyber and information securities to companies and individuals for advancing their cyber security knowledge. Our instructors come from different cyber security and tech companies and know exactly what is required to become a successful cyber crime security analyst.

In our training classes students get the knowledge they need to get the cyber security jobs. This knowledge is based on real world scenarios and industry demands. This course is connected with CompTIA Security together with other domains and SOC Security Analyst work necessities. The deep understanding of the real cyber threats and hands on experience in managing cyber security tool is exactly what will get you into your first cyber security job. Get in touch with us.

Certificate in Security Foundations
This basic course was started especially because of those with interest on cyber security career but do not have former technology experience or skills. The course begins from the technology essentials and takes you to an extent that enables you to be taken into improved cyber security courses in Ciphersec.

Our instructors come from different cyber and information technology companies and have expertise in molding successful career in cyber security. Start with this Technology Foundation course to gain technology knowledge and hands-on experience that allows you to move into cyber security training.

Course 1

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