Since technology is advancing with every passing day, hackers are coming up with more vulnerability. It has become necessary to protect your information from such attacks. Ciphersec helps you with it. We provide IT security services including risk assessment, development and review of security architectures, security standards compliance, and education/training services. Our security experts implement viable solutions which block authorized access to sensitive data and information.

Our experts will implement effective security measures across the organization and ensure that the settings deployed maintain data security. These proactive measures will protect the data from getting leaked. At Ciphersec, our services are not limited to detecting and solving cybersecurity issues, we provide professional training in cyber security to companies and individuals. Our services include;

Security Consulting
We have experience in protecting both small and large firms. Our experts use required measures to protect data

Penetration Testing
This testing is done on your security system to let us patch existing vulnerabilities before they attract real attackers. It can be conducted on the infrastructure or the application level, using White or Black box approach.

Application Security Analysis
This analysis is carried out to hunt for business logic flaws and implementation vulnerabilities in applications of any kind, from large cloud-based solutions to embedded and mobile applications.

Malware Analysis
This service helps in protecting your organization against any kind of malware attack. Our experts study and analyze malware attacks faced by your security infrastructure. They study the functionality and possible impact of the malware.

Vulnerability Management
We make sure that you stay ahead of the cyber criminals by carrying out external and internal audits and analysis. We will assess and analyze any possible vulnerability that may expose you to cyberattacks, and propose a solution to mitigate risk.

Security Audits
With this, we analyze an organization’s current security measures and access vulnerability level and SOC as a service. This audit helps understand the security infrastructure and how strong it is against various cyberattacks.

Corporate Training
Our services are not limited to ensuring IT security; we also give safe computer practices training, educating you about cybersecurity.

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