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  • 10 Best Advanced Endpoint Security Tools of 2020
    Every enterprise, regardless of size, has what we call a digital perimeter. This perimeter is comprised of all the devices, or endpoints, which connect to your IT network and their cybersecurity protections. In this article, we list the 10 Best Advanced Endpoint Security Tools. These can include laptop and desktop… Read more »
  • What is the Difference Between Authentication vs Authorization?
    Authentication and Authorization are two terms that are often used interchangeably in the tech world. However, both these terms are quite different with completely different concepts and meanings. Authentication Simple English Meaning: The process or action of verifying the identity of a user or process. Authentication is the process of… Read more »
  • 3TB of Clips From Home Security Camera Posted Online
    The security researchers have recently detected that 3TB of clips from home security cameras are posted online. All these clips were videotaped from home security cameras starring people’s daily and even private lives too.  We all know that security cameras play an important role in monitoring the children, the elderly,… Read more »
  • Hackers Behind the FIN11 Using New Techniques for Ransomware Attacks
    Researchers from FireEye uncovered a threat cluster that is named FIN11, a threat group that is financially-motivated and has a history commencing since 2016. It has adopted all ill-disposed email campaigns to alter itself to ransomware as the main monetization process. FireEye researchers Mandiant has recorded FIN11’s different tactics, methods,… Read more »
  • Lemon Duck Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Attacking Government, Retail, and Technology Sectors
    Researchers from Cisco Talos have recently detected a Lemon Duck Cryptocurrency that is targetting different businesses within sectors like the government, retail, and technology. The attacker uses various techniques to spread the malware all over the network, just as sending affected RTF files by using email, psexec, WMI, and SMB… Read more »
  • Attackers Targeting Amazon Prime Day Shoppers With Malware and Phishing Campaigns
    The threat actors are targeting Amazon Prime Dayshoppers with malware and phishing campaigns, as it’s one of the desired retail events, and there are millions of customers who are waiting for Amazon’s annual online shopping events. Every customer enjoys two days of exclusive sales on everything from Amazon devices like… Read more »
  • Cisco Security Updates: Cisco Fixes Windows DLL Hijacking, Remote Code Execution, Authorization Bypass Vulnerabilities
    Cisco has recently reinforced and released security updates to address severe vulnerabilities in several Cisco products like high-risk Webex Teams, video monitoring cameras, Identity Services Engine (ISE), etc. These could allow a remote attacker to exploit some of these vulnerabilities through which an attacker can also take proper control of… Read more »
  • Hackers Bypass App Store Protection to Launch Fitbit Spyware that Steal Data From Watch Face
    Recently, the hackers managed to bypass the protection of the app store to launch the Fitbit spyware that steals the data from Watch’s face. The security researchers affirmed that the Fitbit markets’ robustness is the trackers, which can control a users’ heart rate, calorie intake, and exercise assemblies, amongst other… Read more »
  • Highly Sophisticated new Android Ransomware Lock the Screen to Pay Ransom
    Android Ransomware The post Highly Sophisticated new Android Ransomware Lock the Screen to Pay Ransom appeared first on Cyber Security News. Read more »
  • Breaking!! Microsoft & Security Firms Take Down the Worlds Most Notorious Trickbot Botnet Malware Operation
    The world’s most infamous and notorious Trickbot Malware family infrastructure has been taken down by the collaborative operation of leading security and software firms Microsoft, Symantec, ESET, Lotus Labs. Trickbot botnet malware has initially uncovered in 2016 since then the operators behind the malware have attacked so many private and… Read more »
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