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  • Bugs in Facebook, Google chat, JioChat Let Attackers Spy on the Users
    Google’s Project Zero security researcher, Natalie Silvanovich discovered a serious vulnerability in Group FaceTime which allowed an attacker to call a target and force the call to connect without user interaction from the target, allowing the attacker to listen to the target’s surroundings without their knowledge or consent. The bug… Read more »
  • Google Removed 164 Apps Downloaded a Total of 10 Million Times From Google Play
    Google has recently removed 164 Apps from Google Play since they were showing disruptive ads, which is considered as malicious. These apps have downloaded a total of 10 million times. The Satori Research Team found a large number of apps on the Google Play Store that were mimicking notable apps… Read more »
  • Joker’s Stash, the Largest Underground Carding Marketplace, Shuts Down
    Security experts from the FBI and Interpol have recently seized several servers of the large carder site, Joker’s Stash, temporarily disrupted the site’s operation. According to the reports, a coordinated police operation is still ongoing, but security officials have declined to comment further on the matter. Special sources informed the… Read more »
  • Authorities Take Down the Worlds Largest Illegal Dark web Market Place
    DarkMarket is one of the world’s largest illegal market on the web, and recently, this market has been shut down by many countries like Germany, Australia, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Moldova, the USA, along with the FBI. This market has been shut down in an international operation, involving all the… Read more »
  • Security Researchers Gained Access to Git Repositories of the United Nations
    The security experts of Sakura Samurai have managed to get access to more than 100,000 personal records and credentials belonging to United Nations representatives in just a few hours. The data breach was initially originated from exposed Git directories and credentials, which enabled the experts to clone Git repositories and… Read more »
  • New Malware That Uses WiFi BSSID to Determine the Victim’s Location
    The cybersecurity researchers at SANS Internet Storm Center’s Xavier Mertens recently recognized malware that utilizes an exciting method to discover the victim’s possible location. One of the interesting facts of this malware is that it does not use various GeoIP API services. The experts affirmed that this malware usually assembles… Read more »
  • Chinese Data-Scrapers Leaked Millions of Social Media Profiles
    A well-known and fast-growing Chinese social media management company Socialarks has suffered a huge data leak leading to the exposure of over 400GB of personal data including several high-profile celebrities and social media influencers. Socialarks company is a “cross-border social media management company dedicated to solving the current problems of… Read more »
  • Multiple Flaws With Fortinet FortiWeb WAF Would Allow Attackers to Hack Corporate Networks
    The cybersecurity researchers of Positives Technologies have detected some severe flaws in the Fortinet FotiWeb web application firewall. According to the security experts, the threat actors could easily hack the corporate networks with these flaws. The Fortinet FortiWeb web application firewall (WAF) is generally created to shield servers from web-based… Read more »
  • New Zealand Central Bank System Hacked – Sensitive Information Accessed
    New Zealand’s central bank said Sunday that one of its data systems has been breached by an unidentified hacker who potentially accessed commercially and personally sensitive information. The breach emerges about four months after cyberattacks forced New Zealand’s stock exchange to halt trading for four consecutive days. The Wellington-based bank… Read more »
  • Ways Defense Contractors Can Improve Cybersecurity and Compliance
    The discovery of information leaks of sensitive data has prompted lawmakers to amend policies and oversight protocols that are kept in place to protect corporate IP (intellectual property) and the nation’s most classified data. Leaks of sensitive information have considerably affected our national security and that of corporate IP. Access… Read more »
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