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We are Experts in providing Security

Our competent IT experts are experienced in keeping up with the ever-increasing complexity of the IT environment. We make sure of our security  services to streamline your business processes and enable you to take advantage of the latest technologies.

Our services are not limited to detecting and solving cybersecurity issues, Ciphersec provides professional training in cyber and information security to companies and individuals so as to increase their knowledge. We enhance your talent in cybersecurity and open new doors of opportunity.

Threat Intelligence + Response

Threat Intelligence is the know-how that enables to prevent from cyber-attacks. Many of Digital technologies have revolutionized many institutions in the world bringing in risk of cyberattacks. These risks are deeply rooted in data form and threat intelligence helps in identifying the culprits of the operation. Ciphersec proactively manage your security threats with the required expertise and skills. Our Incident Response team helps in recovering from the damage of an attack, enabling your organization to quickly resume your operations.

Managed Enterpise Solutions

Enterprise management provides lasting solutions which consolidate, simplify and integrate operations in the whole IT project. Ciphersec offers a customized, fully managed solution that handles your hardware and software installation and maintenance, proactive management, and monitoring. Our effective solutions are processed using the approach of delivering and supporting the organizations systems.

We Use Analytics to Identify New Global Threats

It is complex to predict the future, especially where security threats are concerned, but by deploying security analytics tools it is probable to detect possible threats before it had a possibility to impact your IT infrastructure. Our professionals make use of security analytics to detect possible threats to product proactive security measures.

Hackers make use of a wide range of attacks that exploit multiple vulnerabilities. Some of them can go unnoticed. Hence, it is necessary to detect those threats and to put required measures in place to minimize the threat.

Our cybersecurity experts analyze a wide range of data. It enables them to easily connect the dots between various alerts. The result is security incident detection and faster proactive response which helps the businesses and organizations to protect their sensitive data and information.



Due to the increase in global cybercrime and it being the leading threat to each company globally, there is need to focus on preventing such incidences from repeating itself. Many companies ignore this threat due to low technological know-how and what turns out is loss of large amounts of money from them. Our experts carry out internal and external auditing so that the issue can be prevented and corrected to weaken the attack.


Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment starts with the identification of the organization’s computers, software, hardware and other applications and testing them for security vulnerability. As every human has different fingerprint from the other, companies also have different digital footprints. Our team identifies and classifies weaknesses across networks, computer systems and applications. After identifying possible vulnerabilities, our experts recommend solutions to help protect the network and your IT system



Cybersecurity should be a priority to both small businesses and also large-scale businesses. Hackers usually look at the loophole where they can enter into an organization or a business to perform their theft. Ciphersec possesses extensive capabilities and practice in the remediation of IT services. Our experts will conduct an evaluation and provide an analysis of possible remedial technologies.

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